Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove pigeons and other birds from a roof?
We remove any nests and young, do a localized spray for lice and then repair the entry points to prevent them returning. We will do a quote for the job before we begin.

What can you do about pigeons?
Pigeons return to the place where they were born and can be very reluctant to move to another place. This is why they can be difficult to remove. Our licensed pest controller will inspect and assess the situation to determine the best solution for pigeon removal. We usually recommend a combination of both removal and proofing for best results.

What methods do you use?
To remove pigeons we can use a number of methods including treatments, pigeon trapping or shooting. Then if possible, we also proof the pigeons nesting and sleeping area with pigeon spikes, mesh or netting.

Why is it more effective for a pigeon control job to be done in 2 stages?
The treated grain or pigeon trapping is usually only a temporary measure to remove the resident pigeons whereas proofing will prevent other pigeons, who may have been born at the site in the past, from moving back in when the site is available.

Do you install bird proofing and netting on commercial premises?
Yes, we have completed many large installations around Brisbane (Ask us for some examples). We have wide experience of working in both domestic and industrial properties for bird control. Our servicemen are licensed and have experience working with a variety of height access equipment.

Should I remove the pigeon droppings?
Yes, pigeons and pigeon droppings can carry many diseases. Our pigeon removal serviceman can also quote to remove built up droppings. We also have a ceiling vacuum specialist who can quote to vacuum the ceiling cavity to remove pigeon droppings or do a full roof clean and gutter vacuum.

Baby pigeons in nest attract bird lice