Effective Pigeon Removal

We offer a number of pigeon pest control services to remove pigeons including nest removal, proofing, trapping, netting, spike installation, shooting and lice treatments.

We can provide pigeon removal solutions for problems in both domestic houses and commercial properties, as well as schools and churches.

For best results we recommend both pigeon removal and pigeon proofing but the ideal solution for each property will vary, so we would inspect the property and provide a specific quote with the best option and maybe some alternatives. See our Pigeon and pest bird FAQ’s.

Brisbane Pigeons living in factories and warehouses are usually most efficiently removed by our licensed and experienced shooter. See our pigeon media articles.

Bird Lice: introduced birds including feral pigeons, starlings, Indian mynas and sparrows often nest in Brisbane houses, bringing with them bird lice, when they have babies in the nests. The baby birds can be noisy, waking you up in the early morning but the real problem occurs when the birds fledge and leave the nest. Then any bird lice will migrate from the nest looking for other animals to bite, so that’s why they often end up on the walls, furniture and bedding of the rooms inside the house.

Call us for help with bird control and sprays to remove bird lice. We will find the bird entry holes and seal them up as well as removing the nest material (if it’s accessible) and using chemical sprays and/or powders in the ceiling space to kill any insects and bird lice. See our bird removal FAQs.

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flocks of pigeons can create serious mess