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Peter the Possum & Bird Man has been operating in Brisbane suburbs for 30 years. Our aim is to provide a reliable, quality service supported by a genuine warranties based on many years of experience.

We are a specialist pest control company with expertise in wildlife removal including bird proofing and pigeon removal including shooting, trapping and treatments, possum removal and repairs, rodent control, wasp and bee removal, bush turkey removal.
Our servicemen are very experienced and fully licensed.

Our efficient head office staff are very knowledgeable about bird control and the variety of solutions we can offer.
Our head office is based in Newmarket, Brisbane. Office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 4 pm, however we do also offer after hour’s services.


We promote co-existence with urban wildlife using ethical and humane control methods to provide our customers with a fast effective solution.

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Bird & Nest Removal – Bird Proofing – Bird Netting – Bird Spikes – Feral Bird Shooting

Phone: 3250 1111 Fax: 3856 4611

We are experienced in bird removal from domestic and commercial buildings, warehouses and shopping centres. We can quote for the best bird control solution for your property including fitting bird spikes, exclusion netting, chemical treatments, removing nests and lice treatments, trapping and feral bird shooting.

Call us or complete the on line form to remove pest birds.

Pigeon Control in Brisbane
Remove mess caused by pigeon droppings

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