Our Bird Removal Services

We offer a number of pigeon pest control services to remove pigeons including nest removal, proofing, trapping, netting, spike installation, shooting and lice treatments. Our licensed and knowledgeable servicemen can inspect your property and provide a quote for the most effective bird control solution.

We offer a number of services including

Bird proofing and exclusion from domestic houses
Nest removal and lice sprays
Bird Meshing to prevent roosting and nesting
Bird removal and chimneys and proofing the entry points
Installation of Bird spikes
Installing high quality Australian bird netting
Installing Bird Shock Track (ideal for heritage buildings)
Pigeon trapping and removal
Pigeon shooting (where appropriate)
Pigeon Chemical Treatments.

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Netting Over airconditioning equipment is very effective
Effective Bird netting
Remove pigeons and droppings

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