Birds in Commercial Properties & Warehouses

For commercial properties, we can install spikes and bird netting to exclude birds from roosting areas. We offer to do an inspection of your property and advise on the best bird removal solution for your particular bird problem. Have a look at our bird control services list and media articles.

The Most Humane Way to Remove Feral Pigeons in Warehouses

While birds in a garden are lovely, feral pigeons in a warehouse or factory are a significant health and safety risk. Pigeons are major disease carriers including salmonellosis, psittacosis and pseudo-tuberculosis, and also carry bird lice. Unless feral pigeons are dealt with swiftly, the bird lice can quickly infect your stock and your employees.
Feral pigeons have an advanced homing instinct, so relocation is ineffective. Trapping, poisoning and destroying nests can be appropriate strategies but take time, and can cause distress to the birds in the process.

The fastest and most humane method of removing feral pigeons is through a licensed and highly qualified pigeon shooter. While the thought of shooting does bother some people, the Possum Man’s Pigeon Control Officer can target pigeons with high accuracy, for an effective removal with minimal suffering to the birds.

This method is extremely effective when numbers of feral pigeons are small and they are contained within a limited area such as a warehouse or factory. If you have a larger feral pigeon population, shooting can be used as part of a more extensive control strategy.

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